Parenting Forward after religious trauma

Hi, my name is Cindy Wang Brandt, and I help parents unpack and heal from their religious trauma so they can raise children with healthy spirituality.

You Are Not Alone

Many parents grew up with religious experiences that negatively impacted them on a spectrum of religious trauma.

I know I did, and it sort of freaked me out when I became a parent and didn't know how to raise my kids with healthy spirituality because I didn't have a great model.

Religious trauma may feel isolating, but you do not have to journey alone. Here, you will find resources to help you navigate parenting life and a community that is supportive and welcoming.

Parenting Forward Podcast

I truly enjoy listening to this podcast. I’m so grateful to hear these conversations that provide a backbone for my choices as a parent. There’s not one or a few right ways to parent. This podcast shows us how to get to know ourselves and our children so we can be emotionally present to create a safe space for us to thrive.

— Erin Hearts



You Are Revolutionary

Every kid is a revolutionary! You don't need to wait until you grow up. You don't even need any special skills. Kids who are loud, kids who are quiet, kids who make art, kids who are good at math, kids with lots of energy, kids who are good listeners--all kids have what it takes to make a difference.

Parenting Forward

In Parenting Forward, the reader is treated to a robust yet accessible guide to breaking the cycle of authoritarian, fear-based parenting in favor of a paradigm that pursues and celebrates equality, autonomy, and fully embodied health and wholeness, “one tiny act of love at a time, and moving on to the next small, right thing.”

Rachel Held Evans

Bestselling author of Searching for Sunday and Inspired


April 20-22

Break Cycles of Toxic Religiosity and Raise Children with Healthy Spirituality


Parenting After Religious Trauma, How It’s Going

Today is the first of the third month since I’ve started my Parenting After Religious Trauma membership and I just wanted to give an update on how that’s going so far.  Why I started it First, let me back up and explain (vent) why I pivoted to doing a membership community.Perhaps this will come across…

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How to Deconstruct with your Partner

You were raised religious, married young, got busy having babies and now? Uh-oh.  You’re deconstructing and rethinking your faith, the very system of values that compelled you to form this family in the first place. Guess who’s been through this rodeo and got some life hacks for ya? This girl. (points to self) Over the…

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Dealing with the Regret of Deconstruction

“But then you wouldn’t have met me.” This is my husband’s go to line throughout the many years of my deconstruction. When you tear apart the fabric of your spiritual and identity formation, one familiar theme emerges over and over again: regret. I mean, I think given the finitude of being human, we all experience…

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