Many parents grew up with religious experiences that negatively impacted them on a spectrum of religious trauma.

I know I did, and it sort of freaked me out when I became a parent and didn't know how to raise my kids with healthy spirituality because I didn't have a great model. 

Hi, my name is Cindy Wang Brandt, and I help parents unpack and heal from their religious trauma so they can raise children with healthy spirituality.

In Parenting Forward, the reader is treated to a robust yet accessible guide to breaking the cycle of authoritarian, fear-based parenting in favor of a paradigm that pursues and celebrates equality, autonomy, and fully embodied health and wholeness, “one tiny act of love at a time, and moving on to the next small, right thing.”
Rachel Held Evans, bestselling author of Searching for Sunday and Inspired
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April 20-22

Break Cycles of Toxic Religiosity and Raise Children with Healthy Spirituality

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