Episode 146: Taming Your Parenting Triggers w/ Jen Lumanlan

May 23, 2022

Ever been triggered by your child’s behavior? It can feel uncontrollable. No matter how hard we try to hold ourselves back when our child behaves a certain way, it immediately puts us into triggered mode.

Jen Lumanlan addressed this in her talk at my recent Parenting is Revolutionary conference. Jen holds an MS in Psychology (Child Development) and is the host of the Your Parenting Mojo podcast. She is an amazing reference guide for parents of young kids and shares great parenting advice based on scientific research and the principles of respectful parenting. 

In this episode, I’m sharing a snippet of Jen’s talk from the conference. She shares a little more about her background and experience with parenting triggers and teaches us how to tame these emotions when they come up. This topic is extremely important for parents at this time so tune in to learn from Jen.

Show Highlights:

  • Where triggered feelings come from.
  • The window of tolerance.
  • Big T trauma and little T trauma.
  • The many different fronts we have to heal on to tame our parenting triggers.
  • How to get more of your daily needs met.
  • How to widen your window of tolerance.
  • Physical habits you can implement to remind yourself to pause.
  • Why it’s important to share our authentic feelings with our children.
  • The different triggers that come with having toddlers, adolescents, and teenagers.
  • What it means to feel flooded.

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