Parenting After Religious Trauma Community

Trauma is not what happens to you; trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you.

— Gabor Mate, The Wounded Healer


Do you find yourself triggered by your children’s developmental milestones because it triggers your religious trauma?

Do you overshare, overthink, overreact?

Do you have a narrow “window of tolerance” and become quickly irritated?

Do you struggle to set boundaries with your family and friends?

Do you feel confused about how to raise your children with healthy spirituality because of your own toxic upbringing?

Do you have purity culture baggage and want to raise your kids with sex positivity?

Parenting after religious trauma is hard work but you don’t have to do it alone. I have been helping parents for the past 6 years find community and support for this work of healing and recovery.

If you are ready to take your own recovery seriously and want a community to come alongside you, you can join us at the Parenting After Religious Trauma community. We have several different tiers for you to participate according to your level of need.

Tier 1

Access to our exclusive FB group dedicated to other parents and folks seeking to heal from religious trauma.


Tier 2

Access to the FB group

Monthly meetings with qualified therapists from the Religious Trauma Institute to address specific concerns you may have.


Tier 3

Access to the FB group

Monthly meetings with qualified therapists from the Religious Trauma Institute to address specific concerns you may have.

Monthly meetings with experts to address topical concerns. In the past, we have had:

  • Hillary McBride - Religious trauma and our body
  • Brian MacLaren - How religious trauma impacts our brains
  • Jo Luehmann - Decolonizing toxic theology
  • Melissa Greene - Building healthy spiritual communities
  • Joel Schwartz - Raising neurodiverse kids
  • Jennifer Harvey - Raising white kids

& more!



Q: I’m a busy parent, I don’t have time to invest in another thing I have to do.

A: I created this program so that I SAVE you time. Instead of sifting through the gazillion posts on social media, or from comment sections, I bring you the resources you need without having to do the vetting.

Q: I’m already in RCU, why do I need the P.A.R.T Community?

A: I’m so glad you’re already in RCU, I hope you have experienced some transformation because of your time there! RCU is fantastic because it is large and we can crowdsource some really great advice and connections, we’ll definitely incorporate RCU as a resource in P.A.R.T.

P.A.R.T. is an addition to RCU, it will contain more original content from me that is focused and streamlined. I want to be able to serve people who want more access to me and my curation. If RCU is sufficient for you, I’m so happy that my work is a resource for you. If you need or want more, join P.A.R.T!

Q: Can I unsubscribe at any time?

A: Yes! We will be sad to see you go but happy you chose to spend part of your healing journey with us!

Q: What if I’m already in therapy, do I still need P.A.R.T?

A: Therapists often refer people to my community because they know that their clients need community outside of therapy sessions. Also, in P.A.R.T. I am bringing you experts who specialize in religious trauma. P.A.R.T. will not be a substitute for therapy, although I will be hosting therapists’ expertise, we will serve as an additional resource in your healing journey.

Q: Do I have to be a Christian? Do I need to be fully deconverted? What if I still like church? What if I will never step into church again?

A: Yes! To all of the above. I am not here to dictate the direction of your next steps. If you have followed my community for a while, you’ll know we try to include everyone regardless of where you land on your faith journey. We’re not a roadmap, we’re sojourners alongside of you. But I believe we can help give you more clarity for your direction, to help you become more sure of your own path.

Q: Who is Cindy Wang Brandt, and why should I trust you as my guide to parenting after religious trauma?

A: The best answer is that I AM you. I am a parent who is parenting after religious trauma. I’ve also been doing this work for many years, listening to the voices of those who are like us, and soliciting voices who can help us. I’m a survivor, a community builder, and I want to share what I have learned to make a difference in your life.

Q: Is this a faith deconstruction group?

A: Although intellectual/academic deconstruction will be a part of the group, it will not be the focus. The focus is on your thriving. If cognitive reframing and intellectual awareness will help you heal, then we can certainly do that. But I want to focus more on personal and relational changes that move us towards healing and wholeness. I want to share stories and hear yours. I want us to practice listening to our bodies. I want us to gain clarity, reclaim power, and parent forward with confidence.

Q: I’ve been faith deconstructing for a while and feel like I’m at a healthy place. Is this still something I need?

A: I have been too! If I didn’t feel like I was in a safe and healthy place, I would not feel comfortable being your guide. But, just like therapy isn’t only for people who are struggling, it can be a vehicle to live even more whole and become even more true to ourselves. I hope our community can help those of us who have been on the healing journey continue our growth and evolution.

Sometimes it feels discouraging to uncover yet more internalized toxicity, but I try to remind myself that it simply means we have limitless potential for our expansive humanity. And as the times change, as our children grow up with never-before-seen challenges, I feel it is incumbent upon us as parents to be life long learners of becoming better human beings. For us and for the kids.

I’m ready to lean fully into this calling to help you be happier, and to be more you.

Let’s go!