Episode 92: V is for Voting w/ Kate Farrell

September 14, 2020

Show Description

Kids are affected just as much as adults are by the government and the decisions that are being made by our leaders. However, they aren’t given a say in choosing who those leaders will be. They’re going to inherit the world that we are making, so the government needs to represent them, as well. They need to have a voice.

Today’s guest believes in empowering children in this way, as well. She is the author of the brand new children’s book, V is for Voting. This ABC book introduces progressive families to concepts like social justice and civil rights. It reminds readers that every vote counts. Here at Parenting Forward, we are very interested in kids and activism, so this book is a perfect fit. In today’s episode, Kate and I talk about V is for Voting and why she believes it is so important to get into the hands of our kids.

Show Highlights:

  • How to explain to kids why voting is so important when the world is telling them they’re not important enough to vote.
  • What stood out to Kate when researching the history of voting rights.
  • How we can integrate lessons of citizenship to our kids.
  • Why families who say they aren’t political still need this book.
  • What Kate would say to kids who want to get involved but feel like they’re shy, ordinary, or not smart enough.
  • How we can help our kids believe that they deserve to be a part of the conversation about things that happen in their lives.

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