Episode 89: Transracial Adoption Mental Health w/ Cam Lee

August 24, 2020

Show Description

Transracial adoption is a complicated problem with no simple solution. I’m not a parent of transracial adoption, nor am I a transracial adoptee myself, but I am learning alongside all of you how to be more kind to all those who are or have been involved in it. There is a cultural narrative surrounding transracial adoptions that is ill-conceived and often downright harmful. We need professional help and advice in learning how to navigate this issue.

I brought on Cam Lee to begin a conversation on this topic for all of us. He is a licensed clinical counselor who is himself a transracial adoptee. He specializes in adoption-informed mental health services. In this episode, we discuss the truth about transracial adoption and the mental health problems that come with it.

Show Highlights:

  • Cam’s own adoption story and how that led him to become a licensed clinician. 
  • The most common mistakes people make when they tell stories of transracial adoptions. 
  • How to dismantle the harm of the system.
  • How parents who recognize the harmfulness of the adoption system can navigate that conversation with their children.
  • How Cam works with his clients to heal their racial trauma.
  • What to do when your children are struggling but aren’t interested in therapy.
  • How to deal with your adopted child’s body image issues.

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