Episode 86: Parenting after Losing RHE w/ Dan Evans

August 3, 2020

Show Description

So many of us grieved the loss of Rachel Held Evans. She was the best-selling author of several books and a hugely influential figure shaping a generation of discourse around faith. When she died in 2019 at the age of 37, we each had to cope with that grief in our own personal way. 

One thing that brings me comfort is knowing that Rachel was loved by a man as good as Dan Evans. Losing your wife and the mother of your children is hard enough, but there is another layer in that Dan’s wife was a public figure. He has to raise his kids with Rachel’s ideas that are out there so publicly. In this episode, Dan and I discuss how he has gone about parenting his kids after losing Rachel.

Show Highlights:

  • How Dan is making parenting decisions in light of the parenting research Rachel did in her life and what she would have wanted.
  • The level of risk he is willing to take in parenting his kids.
  • How the experience of shifting in his faith affects his parenting.
  • Why he desires for his kids to see people with differing opinions from one another.
  • Why it’s important to get comfortable with confusion.
  • How he wishes the world could change to make space for a parent like him.
  • How he navigates gender roles with one daughter and one son.
  • Differentiating between making our kids bear the burden of our failures and celebrating the prospect of that possibility.

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