Episode 80: Raising Antiracist Kids with Rebekah Gienapp

June 22, 2020

Show Description

Today, I brought my friend Rebekah Gienapp on to talk about raising antiracist kids. A lot of you have been asking questions about how to talk to your kids about everything that has been going on and we wanted to answer them for you. Rebekah is a former community organizer from Memphis, Tennessee who wrote the guide Raising Antiracist Kids: An Age by Age Guide for Parents of White Children. She has so much wisdom to share on nurturing brave kids with a love for justice and in this episode, we discuss it all. 

As you all know, I am constantly creating antiracist resources and have always been committed to dismantling white supremacy through this podcast and beyond. With the recent death of George Floyd, this is all the more urgent. So many of us are looking for resources to help us process this tragedy and teach us what steps we can take to combat racism. The process won’t be glamorous, but I plan to never stop educating myself. I hope you will persevere through it with me.

Show Highlights:

  • Rebekah’s upbringing in a majority-black city and experience as a community organizer.
  • How she got back into the world of social justice when she noticed her son’s mostly white world.
  • Why we should push back against the belief that our children are too young or innocent to talk about racism and the death of George Floyd.
  • How to move past our discomfort and overcome white fragility.
  • What we can learn from Jilian Best’s conversation with her child about race and justice.
  • How these conversations about race are dividing families and what to do about that.

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