Little Faith Podcast Crossover-11

Episode 38: Social Justice Cram School for Kids – Kristina Wong & Teddy Chao

March 25, 2019

Show Description:

Kristina Wong is a performance artist who has created a youtube series called Radical Cram School, a show about social justice, revolution, and how to be powerful in the body that you have. The class features Asian girls to center and empower their voices and help them understand the world they live in. We are joined in this episode by Teddy Chao, the producer of the show, and we hear about how his desire for his girls to find their voices inspired the show.

Be sure to check out Radical Cram School on youtube by following the links below and be on the lookout for season 2 coming out later on this year.


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Radical Cram School Season 1:

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