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Episode 39: Clarity is Reasonable – George Mekhail

April 9, 2019

Show Description

Clarity is reasonable. Ambiguity is harmful. I love the mission of Church Clarity to raise the standards of clarity for churches to present their policies clearly on their websites so that those who choose to participate in these communities are not harmed by bait-and-switch ambiguity. Here’s my conversation with one of the founders of Church Clarity, George Mekhail, who is a parent of two kids. We talk about how to raise our children in understanding what words mean and to let your yes be yes.

I’m especially grateful for how Church Clarity will help protect LGBTQ teens who may want to enter a church community to be CLEAR on how fully they will be welcomed.

Please check out the website in the links and submit churches and together, let’s raise the standards for clarity.


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