Parenting Forward - Episode 27

Episode 27: How to Talk about Death with Children – Kay Bruner

December 3, 2018


Show Description:

An unimaginable tragedy happened to one of our previous podcast guests, Kay Bruner. She lost her 28 year old daughter in the summer of 2018. I’ve invited her back on to our show to talk about death, this intrusion into her family life and turned her world upside down. We share tips on how to talk to children about death, as Kay is caring for her granddaughter. We talk about deconstruction of faith and what our beliefs are about the afterlife and what that means when it actually hits home.

Please honor Kay in her still-new grief, and respect her family’s privacy. There is some raw emotion, as is expected, in this episode, and I truly hope it will draw us closer as a community as we rally around Kay and her family as you get a chance to connect to her pain and loss. We’ll get through this together, as Kay says in the show.

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Kay recommends these below children’s books for reassuring a child they are safe and loved:

No Matter What –

Love –

Wherever You are –

All of Us –

NPR Physicist Eulogy –

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