Parenting Forward - Episode 25

Episode 25: Good Christian Sex with Bromleigh McCleneghan

November 19, 2018


Show Description:

There’ no getting around the awkwardness of talking to kids about sex, but it’s also a critical conversation to have if we want our children to grow into healthy sexuality. Parenting Forward is here to help! Join my conversation with Bromleigh McClenghan, pastor and author of the book, “Good Christian Sex,” as we help navigate the landscape of faith and sexuality, and how we can best equip our children with the tool to form their own sexual ethic.

We address masturbation, what does it mean to commit sexual sin (psst, it’s NOT premarital sex!), and how to support our children into living into mutuality, reciprocity, and risking themselves in love.

I hope you enjoy this rich conversation and be sure to check out the resources below.

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Good Christian Sex –

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Cycling Through Consent video –

PURE by Linda Kay Klein –