Parenting Forward - Episode 15

Episode 15: 7 Spiritual Child Protection Policies

September 10, 2018


Show Description:

Today I am sharing 7 spiritual child protection policies to ensure that while raising our children in faith, we are minimizing the risk of them being harmed by toxic doctrines. These policies can act as a guide in your everyday parenting, or to check against your children’s faith communities or schools.

To sum up, the seven spiritual child protection policies are:

Don’t convert a child.

Don’t limit a child’s spiritual imagination.

Give permission to feel the full range of human emotions.

Develop a strong self intuition.

Provide access to outside voices.

Teach spiritual multilingualism.

Above all, love.

I draw from my personal experiences of not having had some of these policies in my own toxic religious upbringing in hopes of helping parents provide safer spaces for your children’s spirituality.


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