Episode 145: Is it Religious Trauma or Childhood Trauma? w/ Corey Wayne

May 9, 2022

The Parenting is Revolutionary Conference is over! It was an incredible time connecting with other parents and parenting influencers in the online space. I myself learned so much and, though I’m exhausted, I feel so fulfilled by the experience.

Throughout many of the sessions of the conference, childhood trauma was discussed. A question popped up over and over in my mind: if our parents had had the resources we have today and access to information on mental health and validating emotions, would we have all had better childhoods?

I brought my partner in crime Corey Wayne onto the show this week to discuss this. Corey helps me build and maintain the Parenting Forward Conferences and I truly could not do the work that I do without him. Tune in to hear us analyze our own childhoods and more on religious trauma vs. childhood trauma.

Show Highlights:

  • How parenting styles are a generational thing.
  • Some background on Corey’s childhood.
  • How he discovered his wounds were mainly childhood trauma, not religious trauma.
  • How Corey has mended his relationship with some of his family members.
  • How ending generational trauma is like a wave.
  • How the concept of “breaking toxic cycles” has become combative rather than a means of building community.
  • Why self-compassion is such an important part of healing your inner child.
  • How to balance grief about your past and gratitude that it made you who you are.
  • Some resources Corey loves.

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