Episode 142: The Dirty Rotten Church Kids w/ Adrian & Josh

March 14, 2022

Since the pandemic, the world of Christian faith deconstruction exploded into this wonderful kaleidoscope of podcasters and influencers, including the Dirty Rotten Church Kids, Adrian and Josh, who both left their faith but continued to forge and nurture a solid friendship beyond the walls of the church.

Once you leave the church that has become a foundational and formative part of your identity, it leaves you with that sense that you no longer have a community or you don’t have anyone to talk to. If you’re like many people who want to keep their relationships because they can’t stand the thought of being lonely, you may end up keeping your friends from toxic pasts who don’t really love you for who you are. Because if they did, then it wouldn’t matter to them if you left your faith or stopped believing in certain things. 

In this episode, Adrian and Josh talk about life after church, leaving the religious baggage, and how they approach parenting in a way that’s totally different from how their parents had raised them.

Show Highlights:

  • The birth of the Dirty Rotten Church Kids podcast
  • How they managed to maintain their friendship outside of the church
  • The biggest parenting issues they’re facing
  • Learning to love ourselves and finding our values
  • Not everything has to have eternal consequences
  • Being open to your kids about your own baggage
  • Cutting the cords with people you don’t resonate with
  • A chosen family that’s involved in your kids’ upbringing

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