Episode 138: Surviving a High ACE Score w/ Carol Scott

January 17, 2022

As many of you know, I’ve been investing a lot recently in my new community. It’s called Parenting After Religious Trauma and, in it, we explore the impact of childhood trauma and specifically religious trauma. We discuss the impact that it has on the rest of our adult lives and parenting. 

This all comes back to one of my core beliefs, the thesis of my book Parenting Forward: if we change the way we parent, we can change the world. As time goes on, I only become more and more convinced of this truth. It becomes more and more evident that so much of what happens in our childhood determines the kind of person, neighbor, friend, partner, parent, and citizen that we become. 

So today, I have Dr. Carol Scott on the show to talk all about this. Dr. Carol is a TEDx speaker and author of two books. Her expertise is in childhood trauma and how that impacts relationships which she believes is the foundation of success in so many areas of our lives. Tune in to join in on our incredible conversation.

Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Carol’s journey of realizing the impact her childhood trauma had on her adult life.
  • Why 5-7 years old is a critical time for setting social and relational patterns.
  • How trust issues can develop when we’re infants.
  • The difference between unlearning and rewiring our brain patterns.
  • Why healing has to start with admitting that what you experienced in childhood was not okay.
  • How to intentionally nurture our kids’ development and emotions without being paranoid about harming them.
  • Why our priority should be making our kids feel seen.
  • How being trauma-informed helps us having better relationships in adulthood.
  • How to figure out your needs and ask for them to be met.

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