Episode 102: Unpacking the Privileges of Gentle Parenting w/ Michael Singletary

November 23, 2020


Show Description

Voices of hate and bigotry have been amplified in our country. This proves that they exist to be amplified. They won’t be going away anytime soon. That’s why we need the voices of love and gentleness, voices that are beautiful and nurturing, to get louder. 

That is what I aim to do with this podcast. I plan to host voices that speak love, truth, and gentleness into this world while being simultaneously strong and soft.

I’m excited to bring on one such voice today. Michael Singletary is the owner of the Instagram account Verde Lobos Project. He is also a dad of two. His goal is to use his page to help people see that they are loved and valued. Tune into this episode to hear more about what Michael does as well as his perspective on gentle parenting.

Show Highlights:

  • The idea of covenant relationships outside of your biological family.
  • How Joe lost his identity when he became a parent.
  • His relationship with whiteness as he talks about gentle parenting.
  • His Instagram post of one of his kids in a Killmonger costume.
  • How he has engaged with and counteracted the narrative of toxic masculinity in his parenting.
  • Why he says many people don’t have access to nature and how he sees nature as a part of his parenting.
  • Life-giving activities we can try today and implement in our families.
  • How he taps into his kids’ playful energy.

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