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Hi, my name is Cindy Wang Brandt. I am a progressive Christian writer, but I have not always identified as progressive. In fact, I grew up conservative evangelical and was a career missionary for 5 and a half years. I have experienced a radical faith shift and I write often about how that shapes who I am today.

Along the way, I have become a parent. Trying to navigate parenting when your faith has and is evolving has been complicated—but nobody ever said parenting is easy. However, I am convinced that one of the best ways we can make an impact in the world is to invest in the slow, unseen labor of cultivating values of hospitality, creativity, equality, social justice, and deep spirituality in the next generation.

Join me as we gather as a community of parents interested in parenting forward with progressive values. I look forward to partnering with you and your children,


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Parent Forward Newsletter