A quick and fairly boring update

August 31, 2009

When we moved out of our home in Tianjin, we felt like we packed and packed and packed and there were still more stuff. This week, we moved into our new place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and we unpacked and unpacked and unpacked and still there were more. Conclusion: we have too much stuff. This week has been filled with chores, buying household items, signing up for phone line and internet, fixing the air conditioner, installing shades, etc. All the while, helping Lizzy work through a stomach bug, getting Hayden ready to start preschool for the first time ever, job interviews for Jason, and me trying to stay sane through it all. It’s hard to complain because we’ve been blessed with so much, but transition is rough. Jason and I feel it as we are adjusting to the changes, but we are sensing the children struggling with all the changes as well. The result is we are all a bit more grumpy than we’d like to be.

Some praises this week:

Lizzy’s stomach bug has gone away after a trip to the doctors – praise God for universal healthcare in Taiwan!
Jason got a job offer! Not too many hours, but a good start!
Fairly smooth transition into our new apartment.

Please pray for:

Apparently there’s a confirmed case of H1N1 virus at Lizzy’s school – pray for health for both the children in their new schools.
Continue to pray we settle in and learn the ropes of living here.
We will try to visit a church this Sunday. Pray we find a church family here.