Writing News and Life-Changing Links

October 16, 2015

WRITING NEWS: I will be expanding my Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist blog series into a book. I am not chasing book deals. If a publisher comes knocking, great, if not, it’s never been simpler to self-publish. Thanks so much for sharing the series, and if you’re interested in the upcoming book, please stay connected and join the conversation!

Last week I vlogged on the subject of fundamentalist discipline. My friend Ryan is fast becoming a valuable resource for my book. He recently finished reading three child training books by J. Richard Fugate, Michael Pearl, and Tedd Tripp, all of which advocate for what I would consider fundamentalist discipline. Check out his post on how Fugate encourages children to tolerate abuse. In light of recent news on children being disciplined to death in a church, as Christians, we must address this with utmost concern.

Having written recently on the subject of sin, my attention was drawn to Mike Huckabee’s tweet connecting racism to sin. Ironically, he followed it up with a racist tweet, which my friend Kathy Khang powerfully addresses in this post, “Mr. Huckabee, your sin is showing“.

I didn’t get the memo but apparently in October, bloggers are supposed to write for 31 days straight. In no moment of my life would I have even considered such a thing, I have never been prolific enough to write something worthwhile every day. But I am quite capable of reading the wonderful words of those who do. The one I am enjoying the most has been Ben Moberg’s #Write31Days, check out his latest called Church Psychology, you won’t regret it. Ben writes beautifully, always.

In book recommendation today, I just purchased Diana Butler Bass’s Grounded, Finding God in the World. I have read her previous books and learn so much from her. Here is a quote for the new release, and I love it. Be sure to check out her book!


In Podcast recommendation, Elizabeth Gilbert released 12 episodes to continue the conversation from her new book Big Magic, called Magic Lessons. It features all the famous people like Rob Bell, Brene Brown, Cheryl Strayed, and some of her readers. I listened to all 12, they are fantastic if you are interested in the subject of creativity.

Second to lastly, don’t miss my guest post at Jory Micah’s blog, called When Mihee Kim-Kort Ministered to Me. Check out Jory and check out Mihee, I’m obviously a fan.

Lastly, my latest at SheLoves, telling stories of my missionary adventures and how to discover our super powers: One Ordinary Day At a Time.