We Are Not Our Ideas

December 17, 2014

Today I am up at the wonderful SheLoves community speaking about ideas and how they don’t define the totality of our personhood.

As a faith writer, I am expected to be a guardian of doctrinal orthodoxy. My words are often considered sacred because I speak of God. My stories and ideas, however, are simply snapshots of a journey; they cannot adequately capture the entirety of my faith, convictions, and identity.

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Also, if you haven’t already, please come find me at my Facebook Page. Every Monday, I am writing a tiny essay published only for Facebook. I am calling it my Monday Musings. Big fan of alliteration over here. Here’s one of my tiny essays as a taster:

Some English words are hard for Chinese people to pronounce. One example is the word: Good. For some reason, the “uh” sound between g and d is quite difficult.

I was thinking it’s hard to be good. To not strive for perfection but be content with good enough. To fumble through life trying to do the next right thing. To choose good things and find good people for ourselves. To see good in others, in the world; to search for good even when things are really very bad. Good is hard to pronounce AND it’s hard to live.

But I’m keeping it. I like how it’s plain. Good is not awesome, good is not fantastic, good is just good. It’s hard to do, but it feels do-able.

I guess I’m inspired by do-able. It means everyone can do it, and doing good together is the best.

So there you go. You are good. I am good. Let’s be good together.

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