The Problem with Moderates

December 11, 2018

The problem with moderates is not that they’re refusing to “take sides,” but that by not shouting your stand for the vulnerable, you ARE taking a side. The side of the status quo and default power systems of the world. 

Want to know whether you’re standing with the vulnerable and powerless? Ask yourselves, how much has it cost you? It’s really basic math. When you stand with those who have less power, less resources, less status, less voice against those with more, you’re on the losing side. And you will know the pain of that loss. Feel the sting. Grieve the justice that have not yet come. 

You will know, because it will hurt like hell. And you will lose, over and over again. 

Why should we involve ourselves in such risky business as this? Because, as Tanehesi Coates has said, 

“Some things are worth losing for.”

Photo cred: Alice Skinner