The Junia Project – Guest Post

October 8, 2014

Thankful for friends who know me. My friend directed my attention to a blog contest hosted by the Junia Project, a movement to promote inclusion of women in all levels of church leadership and mutuality in marriage – a vision I fully embrace. It has already been such a fruitful experience connecting with folks at the Junia Project and other contributors to the contest. I won the contest for the category of “Call to Action” and my piece has been published here.

The creation account in scripture is a profound testimony to men and women bearing the likeness of our Creator. God entrusted this incredible, sacred task of stewardship and exploration to us, so that daily we draw Divine inspiration to go forth and create beautiful things.

This task, to make beautiful things, is for both genders. But for centuries the world has given men the entire landscape and limited women to a small canvas. Some of us are finding our brushstrokes sweeping out of bounds, our vibrant colors spilling off the page and splattering big, beautiful art beyond our space.

Please hop over to the Junia Project to read the rest and look around at all the other wonderful, life-giving work they do.