Talk around the dinner table

August 2, 2009

Food is one of my greatest passions. You know how most people go out to dinner with friends and family, and they just enjoy the conversation along with the food? Well, I enjoy the food along with the conversation. And planning meals out and looking forward to the food takes up a large percentage of my thoughts.

Recently, let’s say in the past six and a half years, something(one) has spoiled my fun around the dinner table. Yes, the addition of the responsibility of feeding two little ones. No longer can Jason and I enjoy our food in peace – one or both of the children are usually complaining about something I’ve made. It makes me so mad and fits of rage are a frequent occurrence around our dinner table. (I’m not proud of it, but just telling it like it is.)

At lunch today, I had another bout of lecturing about how the kids need to be more thankful than they are for their food. In a huff I said to Jason, “these kids really spoil my appetite!”

Few moments later, with quivering lips, Lizzy says to me, “Mommy, if you didn’t have children, you wouldn’t have anyone to love.”

Can you tell I have a sensitive one?