SheLoves – Bolts of Color, Yards of Love

May 12, 2015

Along with my Bible degree I also hold a B.A. in Business. Even though I have mostly gone with Christian ministry as my career path, business will always be a part of my family DNA. It was so much fun to incorporate a little bit of my story with our family company into my writing today over at SheLoves Magazine: talking about window coverings as a metaphor for how our diversity serves ordinary purposes.


Our life experiences dictate the shades we become. Pain and loss casting seasons of grey, dulling the brightness of our fabric, while the joys of life add a delightful splash of color, bringing out hidden hues. The words we receive affect the texture of our disposition. Harmful, toxic words lock the fibers of our souls tight, until we are hard and stiff and rough around the edges; while affirmation and inclusion work like a relaxant, softening us into a smooth blanket, offering warmth and protection to those we embrace.

We are nuanced and complex and we don’t stay static. We move along the color spectrum, shaped and shaded as we move about in this world.

Please head over to SheLoves to read the rest.


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