Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist – Vlog – When Your Children Reject God

October 2, 2015

I’m back with week 2 of vlogging about Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist. Still feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera, but figuring out a good process for me and learning a bit more editing. Please continue to have lots of grace while I practice this publicly. (Also, I never realized how a-symmetrical my face is. I apologize for that as well. Plastic surgery not a priority.) Today I address many comments from readers who have adult children who has chosen atheism.

Here is the text from the quote I read from the Mom who has a 16 year old son who is an atheist:

The thing is, I never loved someone who was not a believer until my son became an atheist. Sure, I “loved” others in the way we say we do – abstractly and without much in the way of personal sacrifice. But he has taught me what it really means to love like Jesus told us. To love without expectation. To embrace his anger and my disappointment. To determine to not hold back love because of differences. To be willing to look at the log in my own eye. His lack of faith has made me re-examine my own (another scary journey!) and I am intrigued to realise that he makes me a more authentic follower of Jesus.

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