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Episode 99: Cultivating Sacred Moments with Kids w/ Traci Smith

November 2, 2020


Show Description

The way I think is very big picture. I am an abstract thinker who’s great with ideas, but not so much with concrete practices. Because of this, I try to bring guests onto the show who will compensate for this weakness of mine. While I give you big frameworks and better narratives within which to nurture your kids’ spirituality, I rely on other people’s content and resources when it comes down to what to actually do or say. One of these people is Traci Smith. 

Traci provides actionable rituals and practices for families who want to build a foundation of healthy spirituality. She creates resources that help parents incorporate spiritual practices into everyday life. In this episode, we talk about how to cultivate sacred moments for our kids even if you’re not an expert yourself yet. Tune in to learn some practices that you can try today.

Show Highlights:

  • Traci’s spiritual background and theological transition later in life.
  • The biggest barriers to cultivating sacred moments for our kids and families.
  • How to make time for spirituality in your family.
  • What healthy spirituality looks like and the signs of spiritual deprivation.
  • How to create moments of connection and sacred moments for our kids when we have religious trauma.
  • Practices from her book Faithful Families for Advent that we can try.
  • What it means to become more conscious of what’s happening in our bodies when they are doing so many things.

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