Episode 93: Decolonizing Parenting w/ Jo Luehmann

September 21, 2020


Show Description

In past episodes, I’ve used the term faith deconstruction a lot. Some of you might be sick of hearing it, while others of you might be confused. To get us all on the same page, faith deconstruction implies that we’re tearing down some of the structures of faith we used to have. I really prefer the term faith-shifting because the process isn’t a destructive force, but rather a life-giving path that helps us find our way towards truer versions of ourselves.

For our Parenting Forward community, deconstruction applies beyond faith spaces as well. Anyone who feels that the way they were parented was toxic or problematic is engaging in the same type of work as faith deconstructors. Today on the podcast we have Jo Luehmann, a fellow cycle-breaker and faith deconstructor. In the episode, she teaches us how to dismantle oppressive structures for the flourishing of ourselves and the next generation.

Show Highlights:

  • The timeline of Jo’s faith evolution and how that intersects with parenting.
  • What decolonizing is and how it goes hand in hand with faith deconstruction.
  • How deconstruction heals society.
  • How to decolonize parenting spaces.
  • How to better think about the idea of obedience.
  • The power of really listening to our kids’ words that we interpret as lies.
  • What healthy spirituality looks like for Jo and her children and how she’s living that out in her parenting.

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