Episode 91: We Bare Bears: The Movie w/ Daniel Chong

September 4, 2020

Show Description

I am amazed at how our kids are so much more woke than we were at their age or even than we are now. They take things like demanding equality for granted. This is because of children’s media and stories that aren’t afraid to show them the world as it is. One media influencer who does this brilliantly is Daniel Chong.

Daniel Chong is the creator of We Bare Bears, a popular Cartoon Network television series. He is releasing a new TV movie on Monday, Sept. 7 at 6pmET/PT, We Bare Bears: The Movie. Not only are there loveable bears in this movie, but there are also themes of belonging, identity, loyalty, equality, and justice–all things we like to talk about here at Parenting Forward. In this episode, Daniel and I talk about the movie and the challenges he has encountered in getting it out into the world.

Show Highlights:

  • Daniel’s response to those who say We Bare Bears is too political.
  • What he wants kids to know about celebrity culture and how to find a sense of identity in the current climate.
  • How he overcame stereotypes and owned his vocation as a creative.
  • The positives and negatives of the influx of media for our kids.
  • How he understands what will resonate with kids.

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