Parenting Foward -Episode 9

Episode 9: Andrew Grant-Thomas – Embrace Race

July 31, 2018


Andrew Grant-Thomas is the co-founder, along with his partner, Melissa Giraud, of the organization, Embrace Race. Their vision is to help provide parents resources to talk about race with their kids, and their website is chock full of wonderful resources, please be sure to check it out.

In this episode, I ask Andrew:

  • why parents are hesitant to speak race with their children,
  • how to respond when our children make embarrassing remarks about people’s skin color in public,
  • whether we should confess our own biases to our kids,
  • how to navigate problematic (racist) children’s lit,
  • how we can share about police brutality with our sensitive children, and
  • how communities of faith can embrace race.

So much valuable information in one episode. You will love Andrew’s soft-spoken voice and demeanor, as well as his perspective as an African American man living in racial inequity.


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