Episode 88: Mother of 3 Runs for Office w/Elizabeth Madeira

August 17, 2020

Show Description

Awhile back, I read this book, Why We’re Polarized by Ezra Klein and it explains why the state of political discourse is so polarized and the answer is actually not the absence of social media. It says that in America, the political system incentivizes polarization, leading to the way that it is today. 

My guest today decided to not just get involved in calling representatives but go all the way and run for office. Elizabeth Madeira is a Belmont graduate, teacher, mom of three, and Democratic candidate for Tennessee’s 63rd State House District.

She has been a Spanish teacher in both public and independent schools and has worked as a Sunday School Director for over 10 years. Elizabeth has a master’s degree in Educational Administration and has served as a volunteer in community and faith-based nonprofit organizations.

Show Highlights:

  • Elizabeth’s political awakening and how it coincided with her faith.
  • What it means when God and your faith doesn’t look exactly like you planned for it to.
  • Her struggles with infertility.
  • How Elizabeth decided to run for State House.
  • Some of the biggest challenges Elizabeth has faced her campaign.
  • How you can support Elizabeth’s campaign.

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Why We’re Polarized by Ezra Klein –

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