Episode 87: 9 Year Old CEO of Peyticakes w/ Peyton Brown & Windy Augustine

August 10, 2020

Show Description

At Parenting Forward we believe that every child can make a difference no matter the age and because of this narrative, I’m always on the lookout for kids in the world who are creating change.

Peyton Brown and her mother, Windy Augustine, join me on today’s episode. Peyton is the CEO of the company Peyticakes which creates beautiful, bold, empowering t-shirts with messages such as “I Am Change” and “I Am Worthy” targeted at girls.  Peyton is a young girl with big dreams and she is determined to make them real no matter what.

Show Highlights:

  • How Peyton used a vision board to start her business.
  • Why Peyton “just wants girls.”
  • How Windy empowers Peyton to go after what she wants in life.
  • How Peyton’s sheer determination motivates Windy every day. 
  • How Windy balances the challenges of being a single parent with a full-time job while helping her daughter run a business.
  • Advice Peyton would give any girl with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

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