Episode 82: Kids & Aunties Sew Masks with Kristina Wong

July 6, 2020

Show Description

Masks have become a polarizing political symbol in our society this year. Opinions on them have changed and developed throughout the entirety of COVID-19, but they are still quite divisive. Depending on our backgrounds, experiences, and personal perspectives, we all view this tiny piece of cloth in a different way. That is why I wanted to have a conversation today with my friend and repeat guest, Kristina Wong. 

Kristina is the creator of Radical Cram School, a social justice school on YouTube for girls of color. She is also a performance artist and Muslim-elected representative in Koreatown in LA. When the pandemic first hit in America, she began making masks for the homeless and others who were immunocompromised and had no access to masks. This led to countless requests and the eventual creation of the Facebook group, Auntie Sewing Squad.

In today’s episode, we talk about both of our experiences with masks during COVID-19, as well as what we are doing to help. If you are interested in learning more about what it has been like to be an Asian American during this time, listen in to the amazing insights and stories Kristina shares.

Show Highlights:

  • Our personal experiences with masks and COVID-19 in general.
  • How Kristina got started sewing masks for the less fortunate.
  • An explanation of the term “auntie” in Asian culture.
  • The transformation and current culture of the Auntie Sewing Squad group.
  • How Kristina has valued the women of color in her sewing squad.
  • How I have recruited children to help the vulnerable with my mass sewing camp.
  • How to support the Auntie Sewing Squad.

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