Episode 81: The Science of Parenting with Amy and Jeff Olrick

June 29, 2020

Show Description

It’s easy to forget that our kids are people too. They have just as much humanity as we do and yet we place so many limits on them. We have to understand that kids experience the same amount of stress we experience. They just lack the brain development to express it in a way we can understand. In today’s episode, we discuss all of this and more.

Jeff and Amy Olrick are the parents of three boys as well as human rights activists. Jeff is a child psychologist who has a passion for helping parents understand what is happening scientifically to their children’s brains. Jeff and Amy are also the authors of The Six Needs of Every Child: Empowering Parents and Kids Through The Science of Connection. 

I get asked often for books that are not fundamentalist, but still speak to Christians and communicate a Christian worldview. That’s exactly the kind of book this is. Tune in to the episode to hear all about it and benefit from Jeff and Amy’s knowledge about the science of parenting.

Show Highlights:

  • How parents can navigate through the stress of being quarantined with their kids.
  • Why we need to reframe the questions we ask in our relationships.
  • The systemic problem with the productivity model in our country.
  • Why adults actually aren’t fundamentally different from children.
  • How to become conscious of our attachment patterns from childhood and break the cycle for our own kids.
  • The importance of giving ourselves grace in parenting.
  • How Jeff and Amy want to serve and challenge the Christian community with their book.
  • The six needs of every child.
  • How Jeff and Amy navigated writing their book while being parents to actual children.

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