Parenting Forward - Episode 8

Episode 8: Melissa Greene – Parenting with Rituals & Community after Faith Shift

July 23, 2018


Show Notes:

Melissa Greene is a musician, most notably a member of the Christian group, Avalon, from the years 2002-2009, bringing us lots of hit songs. She served as a pastor at Grace Pointe in Tennessee, which is known for its progressive positions, including being LGBTQ affirming. And just recently, she has left that position and are now the founder, alongside Anna Skates, of the intentional community Imaginarium. Melissa is married and the mother of two children.

Melissa feels like my sister from another mother. We share a very similar faith trajectory, from a conservative evangelical background to becoming a seeker of an expansive spirituality and community. In this episode, she shares her faith shift story, including how to interact with our past selves and how faith shifting impacts her parenting. We talk about what values to teach our children after dramatic changes in our own beliefs, alternative rituals to do with kids (she shares a ‘River Prayer’ that her children loves and is just beautiful!), and the song she sings over her daughter at bedtime.

I invited her on the show because I want to encourage those of us who are figuring out new ways to PARENT FORWARD how to find or create new communities that are life-giving. I ask her about how IMAGINARIUM began, what the role of children is in IMAGINARIUM, and we leave with some recommendations for others who may want to start similar projects in YOUR communities.

I hope you find her ideas inspiring and helpful, and both Melissa and I would love to hear from you. @ us on social media if you listen to the show!

Links (affiliates included):


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