Episode 79: Stories from THE Rebel Girl w/ Francesca Cavallo

June 15, 2020

Show Description

It’s so important that we put real-world events into accessible language for our children so they can form their own opinions on them. Too much of mainstream media either hides hard topics from kids altogether or translates them so thoroughly that they are no longer based on facts. Francesca Cavallo is a children’s author who is on a mission to transform this part of our culture.

Francesca is the author of 7 children’s books and co-creator of the compilation of 100 tales of extraordinary women. This crowdfunding project raised more than a million dollars in pre-sales and is now a bestseller in homes across the world. Her latest book, Dr. Li and The Crown Wearing Virus, tells the story of the brave doctor who exposed the spread of the coronavirus. In today’s episode, I talk with her about the process of writing this book as well as the other stories for rebel girls that she loves to tell.

Show Highlights:

  • Francesca’s goal of inspiring children to be who they are through the stories of heroes.
  • The most impactful historical and modern figures she has met.
  • Mainstream family entertainment and its journey towards progressivism. 
  • Creating spaces for children to weigh in on real-life issues.
  • How her book gives children the space to form their own ideas about the Coronavirus and protects them from xenophobia. 
  • Using accessible language so children can reach tough topics on their own.

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