Episode 77: Growing Sustainable Together with Shannon Brescher Shea

June 1, 2020

Show Description

Shannon Brescher Shea is a mom who writes about parenting, social justice, and sustainability. This week she joins me on the podcast to talk about her new book, Growing Sustainable Together, and how we can guide our children to cultivate kindness, our bodies, our minds, and Earth together as a family. I hope that as we work to move through the current global pandemic, we will take the giant wake up call from Mother Earth and move into a more sustainable way of living. 

Show Highlights:

  • We discuss green guilt, the pressure to raise kids with self-awareness, and awareness about the world we live in.
  • What it means to help our kids get closer to the food system. 
  • Introducing children to our food resources is not just about going and buying a tomato from the grocery store. It’s about all the people and all of the environmental aspects that made that tomato.
  • How a close connection to our food system helps our children grow up to be happy and healthy.
  • Some of the ways families can stay in touch with their local community. 
  • How to listen and engage with children in environmental activism, including modeling social activism for younger children, and then inviting them in, if they’re interested.
  • A reminder to be engaged with your children, your community, and the food system in a sustainable way.

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