Episode 72: This One is for the Kids with Brad Montague, Anna Skates, & Noah Glenn

April 27, 2020

Show Description

Calling all kids! Today’s episode is just for you. Check this out: usually, I talk to your parents about how to raise you with healthy spirituality. You know how doctors, nurses, and scientists can help you to stay physically healthy (like help you when you have a sore throat or stomach ache)? Well, there’s another way of staying healthy too, and that’s through spiritual wellness. Helping your parents and you stay healthy, spiritually, that’s my job.

I’ve invited my friends Brad Montague, Anna Skates, and Noah Glenn to the show. They’re really good grownups who wanted to share a bit about themselves, about YouTube, and about how your parents can be better grownups. Plus, they want to remind you that you matter, you’re fantastic, and even though the world is big and sometimes scary, there are little things we can all do to make it better. I hope you’ll listen!

Show Highlights:

  • Brad asks you to consider this question: Where’s your power? 
  • Things can be challenging. But there are little things we can do every single day to help. 
  • We talk about how the world is big, but you sometimes feel insignificant, like you can’t do anything at all. But there are things you can do. What are they? 
  • Know the world can be better, and you’ll be the cause. Keep going.
  • Anna reminds you that you matter just as much as anyone else.
  • We discuss big feelings too. How to talk about them and what to do. And we share a reminder: you’re not alone. 
  • Finally, Noah helps us make some wishes for grownups listening and takes us through a mindfulness practice known as loving-kindness meditation.

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