Episode 68: Parenting Decentering Whiteness – Parenting for Liberation with Trina Greene Brown

March 30, 2020

Show Description

This week we discuss Parenting for Liberation and the work Trina Greene Brown is doing within her organization for the Black community. As we continue the series, Parenting Decentering Whiteness, we explore what it means to be a Black parent and raising a Black child in today’s world. 

Leslie Arreola Hillenbrand, the founder of Latinx Parenting, re-joins me as my co-host. We welcome Trina Greene Brown to the show. Trina is a mother, activist, and founder of Parenting for Liberation. Parenting for Liberation believes in the power of Black parents to conceive, birth, and nurture liberation for the future. 

Show Highlights:

  • How Parenting for Liberation works to challenge notions of what it means to be a Black child
  • As parents, as children, and as a family, we must ensure we are resilient, bold, proud, and joyful as Black folks. 
  • Parenting for Liberation tries to bring parents together to look at the ways the systems have oppressed us historically, current ongoing oppression, and how can we heal them 
  • Trina discusses the delicate balance between the positive and the negative parts of this her work
  • It takes many different people in different movements to see how that contributes to the broader movement. 
  • A challenge to those who don’t identify as parents of color because we could potentially interrupt the cycles of violence that impact communities of color at the hands and leadership of non-communities of color.
  • We have a conversation about spanking and why gentle parenting, not spanking your children, is something we strive to do. 
  • We explore why white parents should be talking about the intersection of oppression, slavery, colonization, and its impacts on communities of color and the way we parent. 
  • Parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color


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