Episode 67: Parenting Decentering Whiteness – Latinx Parenting w/ Leslie Arreola Hillenbrand

March 23, 2020

Show Description

I am excited to bring you my next series, Parenting Decentering Whiteness. This series features interviews with parenting influencers of color, people challenging authoritarian parenting paradigms while contending with whiteness. Joining me to co-host this special series is Leslie Arreola Hillenbrand, co-founder of Latinx Parenting.

If you are a person of color listening to the series, I hope you’ll find resonance and support as you listen in on how some of us are managing, navigating, and being in the arena. If you are a white person, I hope you will learn from our perspectives, help to dismantle white supremacy in parenting spaces, and become more inclusive of voices that are not white. The parenting influencers featured in this series are the people who are helping guide you to shape the next generation. 

Show Highlights:

  • The default narrative and face of what we see is very white, but parenting influencers of color do exist
  • The best way to combat the fact that white culture is not universal is through the power of story
  • Leslie’s organization Latinx Parenting is an organization that offers nonviolent parenting or parenting with nonviolence
  • Parenting influences of color contend with whether we create for an audience of people of color or the white audience. And if it’s both how to navigate that complexity. 
  • Why we think it’s important to talk about parenting decentering whiteness and what it means
  • A white parenting world is not factual, and it’s not true. When we are talking about parenting, truth is so crucial to a child’s identity.
  • What white parents can learn from Latino families


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