Episode 66: Parenting After Religious Trauma Series Part 4 with Brian Peck & Janelle Stauffer

March 16, 2020

Show Description

Today we are going to talk about healing attachment wounds and creating safe communities, as we wrap up the series on Parenting After Religious Trauma. As parents with spiritual trauma wounds, how can we participate and be a part of society without continuing to trigger ourselves? That is just one of the questions we’ll answer in this episode. 

To help explore this topic, Brian Peck is back as my co-host. And our guest expert is Janelle Stauffer. Janelle is a licensed clinical social worker and a trauma-informed attachment therapist who works with children, parents, and families. She’s a fierce advocate for trauma survivors and shares her wealth of knowledge as a university instructor, clinical supervisor, speaker, and clinician. She shines the brightest as a mom to her two amazing humans. 

We covered much ground in this series, yet I know there’s still more to be said. Thank you for joining me on my healing journey from religious trauma. We can get through everything together. 

Show Highlights:

  • Attachment: what it is and why it matters.
  • Some conditions or factors that support attachment as a healthy connection, as opposed to an insecure attachment.
  • Which factors make attachment challenging or difficult.
  • When a caregiver is the source of fear and trauma, a child cannot come back and regulate themselves, they’re stuck in a fear state.
  • We explore the attachment relationship and the idea of God.
  • We’re all wired for growth unless we have unmet needs, and then we’re wired to meet those needs.
  • Practical strategies parents can implement to create a context for secure or earned attachment to form.
  • The importance of being mindful when parenting after religious trauma
  • Secure attachments solve some big conflictual problems that are showing up in our communities. When people are safe, they enter the world with security, the adverse outcomes from conflict decrease significantly.
  • Why parents should have open communication with kids and allow them an exit strategy.

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