Episode 62: Parenting with Spiritual Triggers & Glimmers with Cindy Wang Brandt

In by Cindy Brandt

Show Description

Today on the show I share five spiritual triggers and glimmers that are commonly experienced in parenting, specifically when you have a history of spiritual trauma. Most of us know what triggers are—something that activates an unwelcome response. I recently learned of the term glimmers which is the opposite of triggers. A glimmer is an event that activates a welcome response—a light and airy feeling which brings joy instead of pain. 

And while glimmers do sound delightful, they are no more valuable than triggers. Here on the podcast, and within the Parenting Forward community, we validate every emotion—including anger, pain, happiness, and sadness. 

I will be sharing five spiritual triggers that are commonly present in parenting scenarios plus five spiritual glimmers that may come up in parenting. I hope you resonate with today’s topic and you will use these examples to help you become self-aware when these events happen in your own parenting. 

Trigger Warning Notice: This episode discusses five specific spiritual triggers. If you are working through spiritual trauma or think you may be triggered by this topic, please feel free to skip this episode. For official diagnosis and treatment of trauma or mental health always consult a medical or healthcare professional. I am not a licensed therapist, therefore, the content shared in this podcast comes from my own experiences and reflections. 

Show Highlights:

  • Five spiritual triggers that can come up when parenting including several examples.
  • Acknowledging we are parenting differently than our parents did, we want different outcomes for our kids, and recognizing sometimes the outcomes can trigger us.
  • Five different ways I have experienced spiritual glimmers.
  • One specific glimmer I believe is the most healing to a spiritually traumatized person. 


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