Parenting Forward - Episode 4

Episode 4: Bruce Reyes-Chow – Don’t Be An Asshat

July 2, 2018


Show Notes:

Bruce Reyes Chow is someone I have followed for a long time. I have him on today to discuss his parenting book that he co-wrote with his wife, called Rule #2: Don’t be an Asshat. This interview moves along very quickly as we discuss a smattering of the rules in his book, some serious, and some are just fun life hacks!

I have a special note at the end of this episode about where we land on the faith spectrum, what voices are welcome, and which ones are not so much. I hope that gives a clear disclaimer for what to expect in this show.

Links (affiliates included):

Bruce Reyes Chow website

Rule #2: Don’t be an Asshat

Cindy Wang Brandt twitter


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