Chris Stroop

Episode 35: #ExposeChristianSchools – Chris Stroop

February 18, 2019

Show Description:

Chris Stroop and I connect online because we are both #EXvangelicals, which is a term coined by our mutual friend, Blake Chastain, who has a podcast by the same name. It means that evangelicalism is both a shaping influence of our lives and a system we have rejected. Chris has an academic background on Russian history and for now most well known for his writing and hashtag activism, which has been featured in many mainstream news outlets. Chris has been instrumental to me, particularly in lifting some blinders on the ways evangelicalism has controlled the narrative. Part of Chris’s mission, I think, is to help exvangelicals disrupt that narrative, so that we are well represented in the media, and subsequently, in everyday culture.

The latest viral trending hashtag that Chris has started is especially relevant to Parenting Forward, it is #ExposeChristinSchools, and was started as a way to boost the stories of people who have been raised in Christian schools. Some stories that have been shared include purity culture teachings, alternative Christian facts on science and history, and political indoctrination. Chris unpacks the history of the Christian school and homeschooling movement and how deregulation of homeschooling from the State has proliferated rampant abuse of children.

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