Little Faith Podcast Crossover

Episode 28: When a Pediatrician Faith Shifts – Joani Lea Jack

December 11, 2018


Show Description:

It’s hard to believe we haven’t had a pediatrician on the show about parenting yet! This oversight ends today! So honored to have Dr. Joani Lea Jack on the show. She’s a pediatrician who grew up in the conservative Bible Belt culture of the South. She tells me about meeting her a resident who is gay, and how listening to the story of that man changed the course of her faith.

She penned a blogpost called Unfolding Miracles that is both heartrending and medically informative (see below link!), that is one of my favorite pieces to share for anyone looking for a compassionate perspective on why we should include LGBTQ people.

Dr. Joani didn’t just stop the journey there, she also began to dismantle other social justice issues including racism. Her explanation of why racism exists in the South in this podcast is going to become one of my favorite go-to passages—so spot on.

I hope you’ll appreciate her authority and heart as much as I do.


Unfolding Miracles –

Parenting, A Fender Bender, and Racial Bias –

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