Parenting Forward - Episode 26

Episode 26: How to Parent while going through a Spiritual Migration with Brian McLaren

November 26, 2018


Show Description:

Brian McLaren, like many of us, grew up fundamentalist and then evangelical, and he has been a thought leader in forging a path forward to finding a way to sustain faith that is inclusive and healthy for the world. I am honored to invite him onto the show today to give us some of his predictions of what the faith landscape will look like as our children grow into adulthood.

In addition to a bird’s eye view, Brian gives some really practical tip for how to talk navigate literal readings of Scripture with young children, how to engage fundamentalist family members, but by far my favorite part of the interview was the last question when I ask him to give a little hope to those of us disillusioned by toxic religiosity. You won’t want to miss his response, I want to shout it from the rooftops with my raging enneagram 8 soul.


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