Parenting Forward - Episode 2

Episode 2: Melvin Bray – Composting Toxic Stories

July 2, 2018


Show Notes:

I always learn so much when I talk to Melvin Bray, he’s brilliant and kind and resourceful. I ask him to tell us about the COMPOST acronym which helps us determine whether a story is worth telling:

Confess more than prescribe

Opposing forces in dynamic with each other

Meekness to admit other interpretations

Pose more questions than answers


Susceptibility to harm

Tradition as a living word – God is still speaking

He also shares why him and his wife don’t raise their children in religion, and answer a host of other questions. Hope you enjoy this one!

Links (affiliate links included):

Melvin’s website

Better: Waking up to who we could be

Retelling of Bible classics by Melvin

Faith Forward


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