Episode 16: Should I Raise my Children in Church – Barbara Brown Taylor

In by Cindy Brandt


Show Description:

Barbara Brown Taylor is an Episcopal priest, teacher, best selling author, and one of the most profound voices for spiritual seekers and wanderers. It was a treat to get a chance to ask her questions about what it means to parent children into healthy spirituality. We chat about:

  • The spirituality of her childhood
  • What it means to embody healthy spirituality
  • How caring for animals teach us to be attentive in this world
  • How children show us what it’s like to be fully human
  • How to comfort a child in the dark, and what it might look like to not be afraid to let our children experience pain and struggle.
  • Should we raise our children in church?
  • How to become spiritually multilingual
  • And her new children’s book, Home by Another Way: A Christmas Story

We pack a lot of punch into a short timeframe. My friend Courtney says, every other word Barbar Brown Taylor says should be stitched onto a pillow – so true. She’s so wise. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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