Episode 143: Parenting is Revolutionary w/ Cindy Wang Brandt

March 28, 2022

Parenting is revolutionary because it not only changes your perspective as a parent but it also impacts your perspective of your kids. Parenting is not just for parents but for anyone who wants to see a better world, not only for the children but for all of us that co-exist. Parenting is revolutionary because it changes us. It evolves us and it demands that we become better people.

In this episode, we talk about the five reasons why parenting is revolutionary. One essential thing to note is how parenting teaches us to manage our triggers because the things our kids do that tend to push our buttons aren’t necessarily our kids’ fault. Instead, they are triggering something inside of us that needs healing, perhaps a past traumatic experience or simply the everyday trauma of living in an unkind world. Just the mere resurfacing of what needs to be healed inside of us is revolutionary!

Show Highlights:

  • Learning and unlearning relationship habits
  • Re-parenting our inner child
  • Preventing childhood adverse effects
  • Managing your triggers
  • Drawing better boundaries between your issues and your children’s behavior
  • Being parents to our society’s children
  • If only adults could just play more…
  • What to expect from the Parenting is Revolutionary Conference

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