Parenting Forward - Episode 14

Episode 14: Amanda Meisenheimer – Progressive Children’s Minister

September 3, 2018


Show Description:

Amanda Meisenheimer is a progressive children and families minister. She creates music and curriculum to help families raise children with healthy spirituality, and I am excited to have her on the show to share the resources she’s created for all of us.

Amanda and I start the show with the intense and complicated topic of adoption, as she is the adoptive mother of two children, and how she has changed and repented of some of the views surrounding adoption ethics.

Then we talk about her faith deconstruction and why she stays in the Christian church to serve children and families.

I ask her for advice on how to raise children with healthy spirituality. She shares a couple of her songs with us and why she teaches the Bible the way she does with kids.

We talk about child liberation and Freedom School and allowing children into all spaces of worship.

Amanda is such an inspiration as someone who works in the trenches of children and progressive faith. I hope you will learn and grow from her wisdom from this rich conversation.


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