Episode 139: Relational Healing w/ Tanner Wallace

January 31, 2022

For years now, I have been on a journey of healing from religious trauma. My inspiration through it all has been to become a better person for both myself and all of the people around me, including my children. Because of this pursuit, I’ve always been on the lookout for people who help others resolve their childhood and religious trauma (which I’ve now come to realize is complex trauma).

So, today, I am extremely excited to bring on a guest who does just that. Dr. Tanner Wallace is the host of the Relational Healing podcast. She is also a mentor and a community builder for those with childhood trauma. Through her history of childhood trauma and extensive professional training, Dr. Tanner has developed groundbreaking new ways of healing from trauma.

In this episode, we get into some of the science of trauma and talk about all things regarding being trauma-informed. Specifically, we get into why religious trauma can be so particularly damaging and how to heal and move forward from it. Tune in to learn some amazing insights and healing tips from Dr. Tanner Wallace.

Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Tanner’s story.
  • Why becoming trauma-informed is the key to healing.
  • Why religious trauma is complex trauma.
  • How complex trauma forces us to develop multiple personalities.
  • Why some wounds develop into trauma while others don’t.
  • Why we need to develop a secure attachment with ourselves.
  • How religious trauma makes us doubt our own authority.
  • Why just physically leaving the church won’t heal our religious trauma.
  • How to figure out what needs to be dropped completely from your religious past and what just needs to be adapted.
  • Why shame is so particularly damaging and traumatic.
  • Practices for developing secure internal and external attachments.
  • Connecting all of this to parenting.

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